Level 1
Level 1 work is carried out on low and high voltage distribution systems owned by Supply Authorities. This work can be either underground or overhead power line construction and can be new installations , additions , removal or repair to components and associated equipment with all aspects of electrical infrastructure installed within streets, public areas or specifically designated easements.

Level 2
Level 2 work is that where low voltage customers are connected to the network, via overhead or underground service connection, usually from the network found in the street to a property, building or structure. This can range from 100 – 400 amp and include supply and installation of  main switchboards and electricity meters

Level 3
A Level 3 designer would usually  provide design services to clients for relocations, upgrades and new construction of overhead and underground electricity transmission lines and distribution networks. Before it is possible to quote or construct you will require a certified Level 3 Authorised Service Provider design.

Accreditation means approval given by the accrediting agency to an ASP to offer and provide
connection services to customers who are entitled under section 31 of the Electricity Supply Act
(NSW) 1995 to obtain goods and services in a competitive market.

Accredited Service Provider (ASP) means a person accredited under the Accreditation Scheme as an
ASP/1, an ASP/2 or ASP/3.

Certified Design means a design of electricity assets certified by the supply Authority.

Contestable Service includes connection services and or asset relocation services that can be provided by an ASP on a competitive basis

Distribution Network means the apparatus, equipment, plant and buildings used to convey and
control the conveyance of electricity between generators’ points of connection and customers’
points of connection excluding any customer connection assets.

HSEQ means Work Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality

PCBU means person conducting a business or undertaking as defined in the Work Health and Safety Act (NSW) 2011

Supply Authority means the network owner, (Ausgrid, Essential Energy, Endeavor Energy )