APPENDIX A – Quality Policy

Giant Electrical Pty Ltd is committed to the supply and delivery of a quality service which meets or exceeds client expectations.

The organisation is also committed to meeting the requirements of its Quality Policy and to the continual improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS).

In achieving these commitments, it is GIANT’s intention to maintain its QMS in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008 across all operations. The QMS is based on a simple cyclical process involving four key interrelated elements -­‐ Planning, Implementing, Reviewing, and Improving. As part of this process GIANT shall:

  • Identify the processes necessary for the effective implementation of the Q MS,
  • Understand the interactions between these processes, and
  • Document the processes to the extent necessary to ensure their effective
    operation and control.

Regular internal audits will be carried out in accordance with QMS requirements.

GIANT management will conduct reviews of the management systems at regular intervals to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. The Quality Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure it remains appropriate and suitable for the purpose of the organisation.

All staff are responsible for implementing the GIANT Quality Management System in accordance with company policies and procedures. Training and education relating to the QMS will be provided to employees appropriate to their role in the organisation.