Level 1 Electrical Services

Giant Electrical provides Level 1 electrician services throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounds.

  •   Overhead  power line construction
  •   Low voltage power line work
  •   High voltage power line work
  •   Overhead Open wire to bundled wire  conversions
  •   Timber power pole removal, replacement, and installation,
  •   Power pole cross arm removal, replacement, and installation.
  •   Installation of new  Pole top Sub stations
  •   Underground power line construction.
  •   Undergrounding of existing overhead network cables
  •   Installation of Pad mount / Kiosk sub stations
  •   Installation of Chamber type substations
  •   Low voltage cable jointing
  •   High voltage cable jointing.
  •   Installation of network low voltage pillars
  •   Underground residential developments (URD’s)
  •   Installation of  street lighting ,
  •   Direct distributor power supplies from Kiosk or chamber substations