Level 2 Electrical Services

Giant Electrical provides Level 2 electrician services throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounds.

Level 2 ASP work consists of 4 categories:

Cat 1 

  • Disconnection / reconnection of consumer mains at point of attachment on a property or private pole

Cat 2 

  • Underground service & Consumer main connections up to 400 amp

Cat 3

  • Overhead services lines and connections up to 400 amp
  • Overhead mid-span connections

Cat 4 

General Whole current metering up to 100 Amp

Including Flat rate, Time of use (TOU) off peak and solar metering.

Additional level 2 services.

  • Complete builders temp power supplies for construction sites
  • Private Timber and steel pole replacement , installation and removal
  • Rectification of supply authority customer defects
  • Consumer mains replacement and upgrades
  • Permanent disconnection of service mains and metering.
  • Installation Relocation of incoming service mains
  • Main switchboard replacement
  • Excavation and installation of underground service and consumer mains.
  • Private reticulation systems & street lighting
  • Timber poles installation for sports field lighting