Giant Electrical Pty Ltd is authorised in all 4 categories of Level 2 contestable works

Category 1. Disconnect / Reconnect Point of Attachment (POA).

This is where the overhead electricity system attaches to the front of building OR at the private, customer lead in pole.

Category 2. Underground Connections.

Design and installation of underground power supplies (100 Amp services) originating from an underground Low Voltage distribution network

Category 3. Overhead Connections.

Design and installation of overhead power supplies (100, 200 & 400 Amp services) originating from an Overhead distribution network.

Underground Overhead  Connection (UGOH) 

Underground power supplies supplied from an overhead network, this is used where practical to avoid installation of a private pole due to ascetic or impractical reason’s

Staple pole connections.

In situations where a distribution pole has been fitted with a “staple” or “metal spike” for safety or structural reasons we are able to install or remove Overhead services to these poles with use of our specialised Elevated Work Platform (EWP).

Works on these poles is not permitted from ladders therefore making Giant Electrical the obvious choice for works in these situations.

Suspended Mid Span Connections. Endorsement 311

In certain applications it is permissible , after written authorisation from the supply authority to construct an overhead power supply to a premises via a suspended mid span connection, this method is usually used as a last resort.

Giant Electrical Pty Ltd has the ability to construct this system. (This work requires an EWP)

Category 4. Metering.

Supply and installation of 100 amp whole current metering.

Energisation of 100 amp electrical installation.

Additional services by Giant Electrical Pty Ltd

  • Installation of steel private poles
  • Installation of private pillars
  • Repair and replacement of point of attachment (POA) connections ie; fuse replacement, mains connection box replacement, wood block replacement.
  • Relocation of incoming power supplies  (overhead and underground)
  • Relocation of main switchboards
  • Electrical upgrades to consumer mains
  • Installation of raiser brackets
  • Construction and temporary builder’s power supplies
  • Permanent disconnection for demolition or knock down rebuilds.
  • Generator supply and connection during network outages

Temporary tiger tails.

This service is only available under the following strict guidelines:

For the purpose for building  works, gutter and metal or tile roof replacement, painting or any scope of works that involves entering into close proximity to the overhead power connection at the point of attachment, a temporary protective cover may be placed on the incoming power supply and associated components. The coverings (tiger tails and protective mats) are only to be used as a “protective measure” the electricity supply may be left erected however it MUST be  electrically  disconnected  & made safe at the point of supply  from the supply network.

The electrical installation may not be disconnected any longer than ten (10) days, at this time the installation will be considered as “permanently disconnected” and all metering or any other network property returned to the supply authority.

It is NOT Permitted for ANY ASP to install protective coverings on an electrical installation for any other purpose than as a safety measure during associated works to an incoming power supply.

Installation of insulating / protective coverings (tiger tails) on an energised network is NON Contestable works and may only be carried out by the network provider (Ausgrid / Essential Energy)

GIANT Electrical - Specialist Level 2 ASP servicing the Newcastle, Hunter & Lake Maquarie Regions